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tv   Headline News  RT  January 5, 2014 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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if you don't believe in good old good to be doses to. today's new news on the we week's top stories here on r.t. the southern russian city of volgograd raids a final farewell to thirty four victims of two terrorist attacks r.t. brings you the story of a three month old survivor relatives are torn between helping the recovery and grief of the loss of her mother. a french military contingent fails to stemming wave of bloodshed gripping the central african republic but the united nations now warning of a looming humanitarian crisis this situation is need to be out of control in the central african republic. to control this violence r.c.u. speaks to the aid group doctors without borders about the carnage ravaging the state as even hospitals and medics come under fire.
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tough economic times for the government's losing popular support paving the way for the resurgence of the far right movements just months before the european parliamentary elections. and get some world class in rumination we were born on the one of a kind of lighting system that will make the upcoming olympics sparkle through the winter darkness. you're watching aren't you live from our moscow studios i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. here arrival of the new year was a time of grieving for russia's southern city of volgograd devastated by two terrorist attacks on monday a trolley bus was ripped apart by a suicide bombing that was less than twenty four hours after a massive explosion shook the city's main train station. was. this.
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was. the two assaults left a total of thirty four people dead and dozens more injured many of whom are still in intensive care one of those is just three months old a girl who lost her mother and is now fighting to stay alive margaret howell has her story. is just three months old but she's found that life can be hard and unjust she was badly injured and a terrible terror attack and she is now in an induced coma in intensive care clinging onto life what it could you is a baby girl remains in a coma we put her on a ventilator in intensive care also she sustained some light serious brain damage the condition is very serious but it's we've got it under control that. on that dreadful morning of december thirtieth caught a fever and was on route to
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a hospital with her mother and grandmother when a powerful explosion and rocked their trolley bus the three happened to be in the very epicenter the women died the infant survived it was blind luck the thick blanket she was wrapped in saved her from life threatening burns she was pulled from the wreckage in a critical condition only two days ago doctors allowed her to be airlifted to moscow's children's hospital so it's here in this hospital where baby vega is receiving treatment for those entries to her skull and her lungs she received in that blast. the family and friends little bekah has left are torn between hope for her miraculous recovery and grief for their dad. did work you very grateful to everyone who took part in the rescue of my girl to volgograd hospital doctors they performed a miracle return my daughter from the dead. thanks to all how transfer my daughter
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to moscow i hope you see. what kind of human being could see a newborn child on the bus and still carry out such an atrocity but now it's time to think of rehabilitation so that you can live with. but there is a dynasty there's an old family that says and i hope she will grow up and become a doctor to place your mind you know mother since she was a child she was a very talented creative girl it's very sad when people die in such sudden violence like this she had big plans like any young mother and i believe that her baby will be relief literally helping her. because mother and grandmother on the stalls here and talk to you are just two of the thirty four people who fell victim to two terror attacks on the railway station and trolley bus more than sixty injured are still in hospital the city remains in mourning in moscow margaret hello arty.
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and next hour here on r t we're reporting on a nine year old girl saved by a stranger after a suicide bomber hit the russian city's main train station. the atrocities involve a grad came just over a month before the winter olympics and soft sparking speculation that they could be linked to the games volgograd and saatchi are in the same broad geographic region but around six hundred fifty kilometers separate the two cities the international olympic committee has set its confident russia will deliver a safe and secure games and tighter security has been ordered across the country in the wake of the bombings r.t. has been getting reaction from around the world of the events in volgograd most experts we've talked to seem to agree that countries can go it alone when it comes to counterterrorism. we're talking about asian harvest movement which is linked to al qaida that is outraged but not just in russia but also in other countries including in syria as we know now now the direct motive is not different from the previous attacks on moscow on other locations inside russia and i would say it is
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not so different from attacks that has happened around the world. seventy two and the olympics in germany any sporting event of a major size is bound to attract terrorist activity there isn't doesn't so much rely on the bones and it relies on the fear of the bad and it's quite clear that even though both are grabbed some four hundred miles away from the site of the winter olympics it is a transport hub for that part of russia and whatever the media to impact on the russian public and not just the russian public but those traveling to the games next year it requires an international response because. many cars in the water threatened by this there is the danger that when terrorism occurs in russia it's kind of dismissed or it's kind of regarded as not really the same thing so i think there's a double standard here we've got to take these terrible terrorist attacks in russia very serious and cheerfully as we take these attacks in new york or london and
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until that happens until the west does take this seriously i'm afraid we're not going to get the action needed internationally to stop these attacks taking place in detroit. on our website we've got a timeline at the tragic events involved rather as well as the investigators latest findings. hospitals have come under fire in the central african republic over the past week as violence reached crisis point the international charity doctors without borders has been forced to scale back in its work in the nation's largest refugee camp the u.n. is now warning of an imminent humanitarian catastrophe with disease rampant among more than a million displaced people half of whom face starvation a french military contingent has been battling militants there but has so far failed to bring. the security to the country has artillery if a national explains. less than a year after french moods marched into mali france again is fighting in another of its former colonies in africa. let's address short of the situation in the
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central african republic is alarming if not frightening. paris received a green light from the un security council to use military force to restore order after deadly ethnic russians in the country escalated. i have decided to act immediately or more precisely this very evening this was eight hundred french soldiers were sent to the violence torn country to join the six hundred already deployed there on a force that france has no or the most of them to save human lives and months later and lives are still being lost on all sides france's sixteen hundred strong force appeared and mabel to put an end to ethnic tensions dating back to the central african republic independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty four through france of former monopoly is responsible for helping to create in africa a number of totally artificial states like ca are and now they jump in with this
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operation which is stupid militarily economically and politically dangerous scandalous from a human perspective and lead to zero results that zero results if we are talking bringing stability to the country but alan krueger been president of france is new and capitalist party believes there is more to paris's decision to intervene that i was your fourth fifth france used the pretext of human rights but in fact it was aimed at protecting its economic interests the c.a.r. is rich in resources but it mostly has value due to its strategic location in the center of a vast and rich area so it eventually all about do. emanating and controlling the entire region. but others see the african country central location on the continent as the key to fulfill the stated goals of the french military mission of securing the entire region. france and other european countries are threatened by islamic
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radical and terrorist groups that are now decentralized and developed in the belt from the mercian teenie a coast to somalia. and french troops deter these dangerous forces and also prevent pirates and drug traffickers from uniting. which would both critics and advocates of the french military operation in the central african republic it clearly agree on is that no matter what the intentions are behind france's authorities decision to get involved it's the french people footing the bill that holds. the operation only became needed as there was a failure of diplomacy and politics in this city a are a failure of the un the african union economic community of central african states and the you know who pays for this pricey campaign french taxpayers. surveys show less than half of the french population supposed to countries latest
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major expedition to africa pushed forward by france's least popular president in polling history well more than a thousand french soldiers are now in the central african republic here in paris the intervention into the country's former colony still gets a mixed reaction no one's really sure if it's an act of goodwill or a calculated move to benefit fronts whereas russia nazi reporting from paris. we spoke to carling player an emergency manager for doctors without borders here's what she had to say about the situation. we see more than six hundred thousand people displaced olf alone two hundred thousand in the capital and the finance is continuing our teams are witnessing that bodies on the streets every day yesterday in the camp close to the airport where more than one hundred thousand people are at this moment looking for safety. the shooting in the camp and the shooting is so bad
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that even our clinic cannot continue in its normal ways we can no longer treatments ration we have still one or two doctors in the camp just to take care of the heavily injured people but it's almost impossible for doctors without borders to continue its work at this moment is that the hospitals in bangor but also in the rest of the central african republic are are in feted by armed men we have people discriminates in the hospital who came there to a deck patients inside the hospital so yes we see oh it's a big problem inside the hospitals reese finance our biggest concern is the situation inside the hospitals but also it's people not being able to access medical care because they're too scared to go to help post and they're too scared to go to hospitals outside of bangui our estimation is that more than six hundred thousand people are living in the bush years now i've met them i faced them in the bushes and people are more nervous they have problems just accessing food to accessing health care and you can just see that people are living in extremely poor
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conditions they're literally living in the bush that they have close which are more or less wrecks and some people live already since april last year in the bush. it's a bizarre new craze punching strangers on the streets apparently just for fun we'll be reporting on the so-called knockout game that's causing havoc in the u.s. cities later on in the program. plus if you own an i phone you may be unwittingly sharing a device with the n.s.a. while ma in a few minutes. car and roadside bombs have ripped through commercial areas in iraq's capital baghdad killing at least twenty people meanwhile in the nearby city of fallujah as offshoot in iraq has seized control from government forces and declared a breakaway islamic state during the u.s. led war the city was a major pocket of resistance american forces suffered a third of their total fatalities there a veteran of that war spoke to me earlier. i've come
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a long way since my time in illusion in two thousand and four and been able to step back and you know i've been involved you know in a lot of various efforts here in the united states to help fellow veterans out with p.t.s.d. and things like that so i it's it's just it's incredible to see that you know a lot of the projections that those of us who understood what the war was about at least figured out when we got home coming through now because when you understand the nature of war is a racket you want to stand the true motivations behind the united states and very general occupation when you understand what kind of puppet government was installed in iraq your stand it was really only a matter of time before this happened. economic stagnation in europe has sparked a trend that many find alarming while governments insist the crisis is drawing to an end they are steadily losing ground to far right opposition movements artie's peter all of our reports. from the britain in the north to golden dawn in
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greece in the south far right groups are making their voices heard in europe. is financial crisis affected everyone and it has allowed the right wing organizations to give people someone to blame for their problems it's those people's fault that is how they recruit greece has seen a marked increase in support of the far right in neo nazi groups golden dawn and organization to run they did by their critics is hooligans and thirds heralded by the supporters as the savior for greece for the greeks and they systematically not only preach it and cultivate. but they attack systematical immigrants present golden dawn have made it further than most they have elected officials on their books including current greek m.p. elias custody at us it's not only in politics that extreme right to abuse
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a permeating this goal celebration by. the artists so the midfielder banned for life from the national team despite his claims that he didn't know what the salute meant but the clearest indicator of the popularity of the far right will be when europeans go to the polls in may to vote in the e.u. parliamentary elections one of those parties on the rise and france's muddying lipans national front. on the european people are realizing that the use in empire the soviet union in fact is destroying their freedom despite insistences that they want to take part in the political discourse we've seen repeated violent clashes involving these groups even in some of the most stable nations like austria where around a third of people voted for parties that are considered the right wing in
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a recent election. so we need to slow down immigration i have nothing against foreigners but enough is enough. e.u. is saying where no money should go to are like and what country is us on it's their own country and it used to wouldn't be like. dictate everything. to us it used to be that party's interest spruced and the e.u. second now it's only. it seems as long as europe's finances continue to languish in the red more and more its people are seeking answers. the right. good times are about to get better for the richest americans head to our web site find out why tax reform billionaires are exempt from social security payments up to the end of two thousand and fourteen. google glass has a new arrival as a u.s.
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company unveils contact lenses powered with nano technology it could revolutionize the wearable computer market at the details on r.t. dot com. the saatchi winter olympics are promising to be a literally event that's because top specialists and engineers have created a lightning lighting system like no other and the ready to wow audiences around the world are teased about months a report from the host city. the eyes of the world will be on sochi come february the seventh and frantic work has been going on behind the scenes to make sure the lippy venue sparkle not just for the crowds but for millions of t.v. viewers around the world for the lighting technicians it's been a mess of undertaking blush media for us this is one of a kind technology and design in the world that isn't even the manufacturers who initially claimed it was similar to some other models because of finally admitted our installations are totally unique in other words this is an experimental model
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that will set a benchmark for the whole world this electric cutting lighting was months in the making the olympic committee found the brightest and best engineers who came up with a unique design for every stadium l.e.d. lights was selected for their gear ability they made to last for a century but also put their college changing wall factor in for such a shield such installations are temporary solution for various sports competitions but this one is hopefully going to stay for quite some time it is based on the cutting edge technology and totally new software that the world has yet to a dog. off to dog the park stadium becomes a scene not worrying ice storms and tumbling snow flakes the ice bank sports palace turns into a giant aquamarine wave the atlas skating rina a million giant was shimmering rainbow colors the first stadium will be hosting the
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opening and closing ceremonies and the preparations are for the light sherry's are being kept carefully under wraps but the crowd work of the lighting mission is the ice palace this evening i've been given the honors of switching on of the lights here at the olympic park stadiums with this smartphone and it's hatch of a button let's see what the magic of technology candy. and what a lot of it is a kaleidoscope a. rod of bullets many lives and of course i'm right here in the sword she between on the black sea and the beautiful white capped mountains and to them look they are coming to you from the olympic park in sochi. we'll be bringing you more behind the scenes coverage at the olympic build up with just one more month to go before the south to twenty four to launch. a new yorkers
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have a new card. for the twenty fourth jena lympics what's this place like. this is so special as the russian resort prepares to look in the world how are the games shaping the city's present and future life so it will bring you this is a moment to report you from a very cold and snowy windy mountainous stop here beyond the olympics but the. new yorkers have a new cause for concern on the streets a potentially deadly game called knockout is gaining in popularity police recently arrested a man suspected of at least five such attacks all of them against women artie's maria portnoy is following this disturbing trend. you're walking down the street minding your own business and without warning police say they are investigating yet another knockout attack attackers mainly in their teens targeting victims at random
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it's called the knockout game the goal of this violent and twisted so called game is to knock a stranger unconscious with a single punch feared phenomenon across the nation the ongoing brutality has claimed lives in at least three u.s. states here in new york city more than ten people have been randomly assaulted among the youngest a twelve year old student among the oldest seventy six year old woman was walking along warman avenue when a man struck her in the head this man too scared to show his face on camera says he was attacked last month while walking home from work surrounded me one of them as i tried to get away one of them stepped out towards me and. with the close is the the face in some cases suspects have been arrested and charged however exacerbating the problem these videos uploaded on you tube have been viewed by millions raising concerns about copycat attacks many knockouts have taken place in
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broad daylight as victims were walking through their own neighborhoods and as the n.y.p.d. a department of thirty four thousand officers continue struggling to curb the string of violence citizens are seeking alternatives to stay safe. former n.y.p.d. officer rabbi gary moskowitz is offering his seventh degree black belt skills for free to knock out victims and others seeking protection we're going to someone who works worker you must learn how to be aware you must learn how to fight if some girls were time for the knockout attacks or throw him into him ready to moskowitz believes are likely motivated by gang initiation something the n.y.p.d. hasn't officially acknowledged if they acknowledge that there's a guy who had a problem is they have to really try to curb all the guns and they can't do that so for fear so a lot of times they don't want to put a name on something right away because if they put a name want to run they have to go where through arts he reached out to the
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n.y.p.d. to find out what america's most powerful police department is doing to combat the knockout epidemic our questions and interview requests were ignored it is not fair to ask any pleas for parm to be able to be assigned to everybody in the shrewd they can protect. us from new york city streets the big apple's mass surveillance system does actually allow officials to know where and when many of the crimes are occurring but so far filming the knockouts hasn't helped to prevent them marina. new york. for apple enthusiasm might seem like there's not much an i phone can do for editing video to scanning fingerprints but the bad news is that you're not the only one possibly enjoying these features according to new leaks n.s.a. can infiltrate the devices with minimal difficulty an article in the german magazine der spiegel claims a program called dropout jeep allows the security agency to track all kinds of personal user data apple has already denied granting the n.s.a.
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backdoor access to its devices but journalist david seaman thinks americans could lose faith in high tech industries my understanding of it is that this is extremely widespread but it is not so much the companies cooperating with the n.s.a. as it is the n.s.a. pouring tremendous amounts of money and talent into developing these hacks we're talking about complete orwellian control of innocent people's phones and innocent people's computers and laptops and i think that it undermines basic faith and confidence in american tech companies this is going to lead to a massive loss of revenue technology has the power to lift all of us up to provide more innovation and transparency that ever before in human history and that's the path that the internet was already on you see the explosion in online media and everybody has a voice an opinion in this global society but the n.s.a. has destroyed a lot of that it's undermined basic faith in the internet on to some other news
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making headlines around the world now getting muslim fast northwest china has left at least fourteen people dead and many others injured four people remain in critical condition the incident occurred when a traditional religious food was handed out to people attending the event. and record low temperatures are set to hit parts of the u.s. as winter storms continue across the country forecasters say the freeze could hit minus fifty celsius in the midwest and are warning people to stay at home extreme weather conditions claimed the lives of sixteen people this week and grounded thousands of flights. just ahead on r t it's worlds apart with that sort of wake up discussing the expanding waistlines of the developed world.
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proximately sixteen percent of e.u. imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. give room for the territorial waters and the fish they load this fish on to the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. choose your language. make it with zero if the materials honestly feel some of the . truth is good news that concerns you. choose the opinions that degrade to. choose the stories that imply the light
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chills be access to your office. so.
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